De Appel: Crap Shoot


An exhibition curated by five young students (Annie Fletcher, Nina Folkersma, Clive Kellner, Kay Pallister, Adam Szymczyk) from the Curatorial Programme of De Appel.

It was the Dutch art world’s cause célèbre of the year. Perhaps the decade? The ticket booth smashed to pieces (Jes Brinch & Henrik Plenge Jacobsen). Rudi Fuchs, the then director of the Stedelijk Museum, followed by a hapless private detective (Kendell Geers). The contents of the office, as well as the exhibition of Paul de Reus, stolen from Bloom Gallery (Maurizio Cattelan). An exhibition almost universally panned at the time.

The day after the opening, the artists and curators held what was meant to be a panel discussion. In the end it was closer to a public lynching. The crowd jeered and heckled. The panel responded, or at least tried to.

Before the dust had a chance to settle, Otto Berchem was asked to interview Saskia Bos for the Crap Shooter, the newspaper that accompanied the show. It was Bos who indirectly started the whole fuss when she created De Appel’s Curatorial Training Programme two years before. This was to be her chance to respond to the critics, and she took it.

Download a copy of the interview here here.

Maurizio Cattelan – Another Fucking Readymade, April 11, 10.30 AM (1996)
Jes Brinch & Henrik Plenge Jacobsen – Ticket Booth (1996)
Kendell Geers – Title Withheld (Brick), (1996)