Arti & Amicitiea: Babies & Bambies


Babies, cuddly toys, teddybears and other stuffed animals are slowly edging their way into contemporary art. It almost seems as if they have secretely been concocting a plan to invade the art world. A sly and destructive character appears to lurk behind their sweet and innocent exterior. An unsettling idea. What are their intentions?

Babies & Bambies, design: Dick Bruna

In this day and age our faith in a child’s innocence has vanished, but nevertheless, a romanticized and idealized image of the child’s world is maintained. The child’s world is still a world of sweetness and innocence. The same applies to art: beauty, clarity and purity still are the ideals of ’true Art’. The current interest of artists in the child and children’s toys can be seen as an attempt to criticise this romanticized image of ’true Art’. By utilising the ostensible charm and innocence of the child, the ideals of art are ridiculed.

Charlemagne-Palestine – Feyoxsul (1990)

Participating artists: Phil Bloom, James Croak, Mitsy Groenendijk, Harma Heikens, Garry Gardner, Lidy Jacobs, Dirk Larsen, Paul McCarthy (& Mike Kelley), Charlemagne Palestine, Paul de Reus, Sandy Skoglund, Pépé Smit, Lily van der Stokker, Kathy Temin, Ernst Voss, Johannes van Vugt and Thomas Woodruff.

Lidy Jacobs – Zittend met twee beren (1993)

In Arti et Amicitiae about 40 works will be shown, from diverse disciplines: paintings, objects, photographs, installations and video’s. This exhibition intends to particularly focus on the disturbing character of this seemingly charming art.

Paul McCarthy – Baby On A Snake (1976 – 1991)

A ‘small but select’ catalogue will accompany this exhibition, with texts by James Croak (participating artist), Leontine Coelewij (publicist and curator of Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam), Nina Folkersma (curator of the Babies & Bambies exhibition) and Frank Reijnders (professor of Art History at the University of Amsterdam). Dick Bruna has created a cover design especially for this catalogue.

Rokin 112

OPENING: January 29th 1994  16.00 hours
DATES: January 30th – February 27th 1994
HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 hours

Pépé Smit – Puzzled (1993)