Jesper Just – Continuous Monuments (essay)

ESSAY – MAY 2017

Jesper Just – Poetic Wanderings 
By Nina Folkersma
Published in: Jesper Just, Continuous Monuments, published by West, Den Haag, 2017

“Over the past few weeks, I have submerged myself in a research about the relationship between architecture and utopia. To be honest, architecture is a new area for me. I’ve always found it such a typical male domain – stones, building, functionality – I feel more comfortable with debates about the body, identity, emotions (’typical female’ subjects, I can hear you thinking). My first essay about Jesper Just, written ten years ago, was exactly about those subjects: about the role of emotions, about gender, and how Jesper wiped the floor with the existing conventions and created room for things intangible and ambiguous. However, over the past decade, Just’s work has developed in another direction. No more dancing, singing, crying men, but buildings, cities, structures. And yet, his work has not changed that much, but that I only found out in the process of time.”

You can dowload the essay here

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