Sandberg Instituut

Since 2009 I am a tutor at the Design Department at the Sandberg Institute. The Design Department originates from the rich tradition of graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Social engagement, artistic freedom and experimentation form the approach and the underlying principles of the department. Design is no longer linked to specific media. Revolutionary platforms and tools blur the border between commissioned and self initiated projects. New ways of thinking and collaborating offer designers endless opportunities, but renewed responsibility as well. Within this realm, designers must redefine their position again and again. Throughout the course we address the state of the media, specifically as it relates to the production of information in our society. We will also discuss how political, social and technical developments influence communication. The department seeks to explore the role of design in relation to the public and political discourse through experimental visual design, ranging from print, television and internet to radical forms of graphic design.

The Design course concentrates on the development of the participants own projects and research. In addition, the department organizes (group) projects and hosts guest lectures and discussions. The department relies on an extensive network both in and outside the Netherlands, including journalists, designers, philosophers, critics, documentary makers and artists.

The core tutors, who are available at least one day per week, provide the tuition. Each participant’s progress is discussed individually with the tutors throughout the duration of the course, as well as collectively. First year students are encouraged to experiment as much as possible, and take part in the projects initiated by the department. Emphasis during the second year lays on the development of a final examination project and thesis, with which each student may graduate.

Head of department:
Annelys de Vet (designer)

Nina Folkersma (art critic and curator)
Rob Schröder (documentary maker and designer)
Daniel van der Velden (designer and writer)

Guest tutors 2011-2012:
Nikki Brörmann (philosopher)
Bregje van der Haak (journalist, documentary maker)
Francesco Laranjo (graphic designer)
Jonthan Puckey (graphic designer, programmer)
Astrid Vorstermans (publisher Valiz)