Fanatismo magazine

Fanatismo is a one-off magazine that investigates the causes of fanaticism and why it is important to deal with it. The magazine is published on the occasion of the cultural manifestation We Are All Fanatics! and the exhibition You Are All Individuals! that I curated at Castrum Peregrini. During WWII, Castrum Peregrini was a hiding place. Based on that experience, the foundation believes that freedom without culture and mutual trust is an empty phrase. Fanaticism undermines these core values, which are essential for a free, democratic society.

cover Fanatismo

Fanatismo is a concept of Come, Office for Strategic and Creative Presence, Amsterdam
Fanatismo was published in May 2011 and distributed in an edition of 25,000 copies.
Editor in chief: Come / Bob Witman
Editors: Michael Defuster, Lars Ebert, Nina Folkersma
Authors: Philipp Blom , Michael Defuster, Lars Ebert, Nina Folkersma, Christiaan Fruneaux, Dirk Jansen , Staszek Goldstein, Dragan Klaic, Karin Liebhart, Walter Hugo Mãe, Henry McDonald, Stefanie Müller, Diana Pinto, Joanna Podolska, Merlijn Schoonenboom, Andrew Tomlinson
English translations and editing: Jane Bemont
Art direction and image editing: Come / Eric Wie
Design: Herman van Bostelen

You can get a copy of the magazine by sending a mail to:

Castrum Peregrini

Come, Office for Strategic and Creative Presence